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= SharpWriter Since 1998 =

Dark Literature and DarkSF: Interested readers will find some fascinating content coming here shortly.

Author's 2016 Reintroduction: All Things Writer and Writing Themed. I'm John T. Cullen (Jean-Thomas Cullen, John Argo) and I first launched in August 1998. It was my first website, originally dedicated as a writer's resource (an image of my desktop, littered with online resources). I used it myself on a daily basis, and thought other writers might find it useful. It was praised by Writer's Digest in 1999 as "one of the top 101 resources for writers online." It grew into a book review site, and flourished, but the need for a portal shrank in a few years with all the material coming online, so I put into hibernation except for a short-lived start & stop around 2010. Now at Christmas 2016 I'm launching Sharpwriter (take the .com for granted) as a new writing blog, I guess we'd call it. As the author of more than forty books (fiction and nonfiction) and going strong, I have what I like to call informed opinions on literature (including poetry), history, languages, and other humanities topics. I hope you'll visit, read, enjoy, and come back often as I post new stuff.

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